Testimonials – Gareth


“As a healthcare professional who works in a stressful environment at times I was experiencing difficulties coming home and switching off. The relaxation sessions helped me to refocus and clear my mind of any negative thoughts.  Gareth is professional and informative in his approach to the treatment and practice.” (Elaine, Cardiff)

“I can highly recommend Gareth’s skills as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner.  My time with him has helped me to feel more relaxed and focused…enjoyable too!  I am seeing things in my life differently and dealing with them in a much more relaxed and calm way!” (Jay, Penarth)


“In just four sessions with Gareth, I have moved up The Happiness Scale from a 4/10 to a 7/10…it could’ve been more, but I missed a session and I’m in a lot of pain with a physical ailment as well.  I’m very hopeful to move up further and confident I can consolidate this gain.  I’m now doing some voluntary work which is a result of understanding the importance of focusing on solutions.  I’m actively engaging with life with Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions and Positive Interactions and noticing the “Happy Reward Chemicals” (Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins and Oxytocin) and my friends and family have noticed the difference.  But most importantly, I have too!” (Greg, Barry)

“I have found the hypnotherapy treatment to be incredibly settling for the mind and body. It allows one to reconnect with oneself and get a clearer idea of where you wish to focus your energies.  It has reminded me of the importance of staying positive in a sometimes negative world.  Gareth is genuinely concerned with the welfare of his clients.” (David, Penarth)


“As an actor and musician, I usually embrace the stresses, anxieties and pre-show nerves of the job but sometimes they overflow.  When Gareth explained how the brain works and how we can fill our stress bucket, causing our primitive brain to take over and run away with things, I now have a coping mechanism.  Now, once I recognise that I am stressed, I simply turn the dial back to my intellectual brain and I find myself calm, relaxed and confident.  I love the positive language used and really live the affirmations while in Hypnosis and while playing the CD.  Gareth’s voice is soothing and nurturing, with an air of authoritative care!” (Simon, Cardiff)


“We are over the moon, I could not wait to tell you last week that I am pregnant.  After four years of trying, after countless appointments with consultants, after trying all the quack remedies I could find on the internet…finally I’m pregnant and we wish we had found you sooner, Gareth!  Over the 8 weeks my whole family and all my friends saw me gradually but significantly becoming calmer and more relaxed about everything in life.  How I’d react to any given situation was became so much less stressful…and…just as I finally knew I had re-found my true self…the person you asked me to describe in the Initial Consultation…just as I felt I was her again…I knew…I knew deep down inside…and Andy could see my excitement as I went to get the pregnancy test from the chemist and even he too was convinced as I went into the bathroom…and oh boy the joy as I came out with the positive result!!!  We did another to be sure and went straight to the doctors that week…we’ve now had the second scan so I’m happy to write this testimonial and to tell you we are having a baby boy!!!  Thank you, Gareth!!!  I was going to write you a testimonial anyway to say how much happier, calm and relaxed I am and how much healthier this has helped me be…but blessed be…a baby boy!!! R.E.S.U.L.T.” (Sandra, Cogan)


“Yes – Clinical Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation with Gareth does just that…it stops you smoking!  I never believed it could be so easy…I’ve been smoking for more than 30 years now, and I’ve tried six times before!  I’ve tried the patches, and the gum and I never liked those nasty e-cigs anyway…but two hours spent with Gareth explained so clearly what goes on in the brain and why we trick ourselves that we ‘want’ to smoke and, most importantly, what we can do with the brain to reframe that 90% psychological habit and overcome the 10% physical addiction and bingo.  The Hypnotherapy side was so relaxing, so powerful – I walked out a non smoker for life!  My hair and my clothes smell nicer, my eyes are clearer and my skin has more colour.  What are you waiting for?” (Angie, Penarth)


“I used to have anxiety and panic attacks in public, especially in crowds, but after just a few sessions with Gareth, I’ve been a lot calmer in these circumstances.  I even went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week, and the crowds were massive!  Previously, such an event would have been so daunting and would have seemed chaotic, but I loved it!  Walking around the huge site, looking at the stalls and talking to strangers, I was calm and relaxed and confident, just like Gareth’s sessions and CD encourages me to be!  My girlfriend has noticed such a difference – thank you!” (Andrew, Barry)

“I can’t believe it!  I went to Cardiff last week!  I know it sounds silly as it does to me too, but the thought of going into town, on the train, and going shopping for clothes would have brought me out into full blown panic attacks in the past!  Just the thought would have done me in, let alone the actual doing of it and it’s all down to Hypnotherapy and Relaxation with Gareth that I could not just contemplate it, but do it!  OK, so I started the day with some trepidations but as soon as I started going, I knew I’d be OK.  Normally, I’d have had to buy those clothes and household things online but it was so nice to go into the shops and try them on and get them there and then, and to get a present for my daughter without having to wait to give it to her! Yes, I’d definitely recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy with Gareth to anyone!” (Annie, Penarth)


“I came to see Gareth for general relaxation but soon identified that my anxieties were causing me to be more angry than I wanted to be with my family and at work!  My anger was bad for my health and for those around me.  I now have seen through this.  I have a much more relaxed and calm attitude to when things might not go the way I want them to, and I react in a more positive and constructive way!” (Gerry, Penarth)


“Within five weeks, I had lost more than twenty pounds, and because this solutions-oriented approach concentrates on a positive reassessment of my relationship with myself and with food, I know that this time the weight will stay off.  I’m cycling to work and also for leisure.  I feel sharper in every way, and I am more focused in my approach to my sometimes stressful work.  I came for weight loss and am generally sleeping better – I am much happier!” (John, Cardiff)

“OK so I’m overweight still, but I’ve only been coming a few weeks and I’ve lost more than a stone.  More important than that is that today I went swimming for the first time in more than a decade!  I didn’t used to fit my costume for being too big…now it’s the costume that’s too big!  Best of all, I was more interested in swimming, albeit just paddling around for gentle exercise than I was about what people thought of me.  I thoroughly recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy for Weight Management as it has put the whole issue of healthy eating in perspective rather than creating stress over calorie intake.  I love food, and I love cooking and I now love myself!  Thankyou!”  (Brenda, Barry)


“I was stuck in grief!  Having lost my mother last year, I had to take time off work and stopped going out with friends.  Hypnotherapy sessions with Gareth have helped me re-focus and find my feet again.  I’m back in work part time, and have revitalised my social life.  I’ve started doing things I enjoy and I can hear my mother telling me she’s proud of me!” (Alison, Penarth)

“It’s not just for the nine months since I lost my husband that I haven’t slept properly…it’s been since I first left home and went to college that I’ve had problems sleeping.  But since being so deep in grief, I’ve not been able to sleep at all, and would at least try to calm myself each night with a couple of paracetamol and a glass of warm milk…but not needed any more…I simply can’t believe it…after just one session with Gareth and listening to his Relaxation Solutions CD every night, I’ve slept properly FOR THE FIST TIME IN THIRTY YEARS, and I wake up each morning with a far more positive view of things.  I’m still sad for my loss, of course, but I can see things in perspective for the first time since and it’s not just the sleep that helps…it’s the knowing that I’ll be able to sleep.  I can be mindful and respectful for the love that I had, still have and always will have for my husband but I am moving forward positively as, of course, he would wish for me too” (Kate, Cardiff)


“I have suffered severe and excruciating migraines for two years now, and I’ve not really had a decent full night’s sleep in all that time.  After the first session with Gareth, I slept for a whole night free of pain and this was a both a pleasant surprise and a revelation.  After the second session, I slept soundly for three nights.  After the third session, I realised that I needed to be listening to the CD as well as attending the Hypnotherapy sessions and now I can go for a week or more sleeping so well I go through the days without headaches.  For years I so wanted something help, I was desperate, but nothing the doctors or specialists offered worked.  I found the relief I was seeking in Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Penarth Practice!” (Claire, Penarth)


“Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy with Gareth has helped me to formulate a study and revision plan and to prepare for the forthcoming exams.  I am entering this normally stressful part of the year with much less anxiety and much more confidence.  I am fully focused and am hoping for the best possible marks!  These sessions have helped enormously, but I know it is clearly now down to me – I am happy knowing that the future is in my hands!” (Julian, Cardiff)


“I’ve smoked cannabis every day for thirty six years…until one session of Clinical Hypnotherapy!  I can’t believe it, and neither can my girlfriend!  I don’t just not smoke, I have no urge to smoke, no cravings or nagging thoughts, no thoughts of perhaps I could just smoke a pipe or eat it…cannabis is just not part of me or my life any more. My skin has cleared up, my eyes are whiter and clearer.  I don’t have any tickly coughs. My thoughts are clearer.  I sleep better.  I just became a Non Smoker after one simple session!  Job done.  End of.”  (Gary, Penarth)


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Gareth to any prospective client with health problems.  I recently had a treatment with him in the Penarth practice and he achieved an excellent result.  He has a calm, empathetic manner and explained the details of the treatment carefully and fully in advance of the treatment.  His hypnotherapy was highly professional and quietly but powerfully efficient.  He provided an excellent relaxation CD to take home after the treatment and provided follow through support with a courtesy ‘phone call to see how I was getting on.  Gareth goes the extra mile with his clients and is a most helpful and engaged practitioner.” (Chrissie, Penarth)

“I have been enjoying many physical and psychological benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Gareth for several weeks now. His positive attitude and honest approach creates a great rapport resulting in trust, essential for a very relaxing experience. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him!” (Alan, Cardiff)

“I have been to see Gareth for Hypnotherapy and have found him professional and relaxing.  His description of the different areas of the brain showing different emotions was very enlightening.  I’ve enjoyed the sessions very much!” (Angela, Penarth)


We can help you not just to get back on track, but to stay on track!

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

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