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"I have been going to Enfys at The Penarth Practice for a couple of years for Hypnotherapy and Reflexology.  Last year I had the amazing news I was expecting a baby and knew Enfys would be the person to help with Solution Focused 'Hypnobirthing'. Everyone has heard the nightmare stories people tell you about childbirth and I knew I had to do something to prepare myself mentally for coping with what was ahead.  I had around 6 sessions with Enfys which involved going through breathing techniques and solutions for coping with childbirth. The sessions helped remove the fears I had surrounding labour and instead allowed me to focus my energy on coping strategies for pain management through breathing techniques and visualizing how I wanted the birth go. By having the sessions I felt empowered and so much more confident and relaxed about childbirth as I had taken control of my fears with Enfys's help and guidance . I was even able to address my fear of hospital / white coat syndrome through the 1-2-1 sessions.   I can't recommend Enfys enough to anyone who would like to try Hynobirthing / Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as a way to cope with the daunting prospects of childbirth."  (Sarah, Penarth)


“It’s difficult for an actor to confess that performance anxiety has become an issue. It can creep up in a career no matter the experience and can often reflect a general anxiety and ultimately a lack of trust in oneself. Enfys not only provided a warm and welcoming environment for me to open up about my issue, she also listened without judgement or intrusive analysis into the whys and wherefores that brought me to that point. She took me, there and then, as I was, allowing me to tell my version of events in my own words and at my own pace. And then the magic happened! With gentleness, kindness and an incredible toolkit for helping me reset my thought processes, she reprogrammed, over a number of sessions, the most important relationship anyone can have: the one we have with ourselves. It sounded at the time, too simple to be true but it works and I can say that after a lifetime of unacknowledged bubbling anxiety, that was with me as a young child in infants school, I am now so much happier, calmer and more productive! Enfys helped me get out of my own way and I wholeheartedly thank her for that amazing gift.” (Jane, UK Actress)


“Over the last few weeks I have gone from having zero confidence or belief in myself to being a completely happy, confident individual. Since the course began, I have had a promotion, made some amazing new friends and improved family relationships. Enfys helped me to see life in a new light, move on from past experiences and feel ready for a much brighter future. Whoever you are, whatever your reasons for considering it, I can’t recommend this highly enough ! Thank you so much.” (Trish, Penarth)


“Having come to the end of my hypnotherapy course with you, I really just wanted to thank you for the most enlightening and wonderful experience. A couple of months ago I came to you stressed, sleep deprived, anxious and emotional about everything. I am now relaxed, getting my REM sleep! And able to cope with whatever is put in my way! I have a totally different outlook on life and the CD I listen to at night is wonderful at relaxing me and putting me In a positive frame of mind. (It also puts my 9 year old to sleep in minutes!!) Thank you so much and I am looking forward to my top up with you every month.” (Phillippa, Penarth)


“I have been visiting ‘Enfys Studio Health Centre’ for over a year now and have, for the last few months, been having Clinical Hypnotherapy. At first, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I can honestly say ‘hand on heart’, that I am now much more calm, focused, relaxed and much happier and positive all round, which has to be the best thing ever! By listening to the CD and visiting the Practice, I feel so much more in control of my life and my own well-being. I now have, on average, 8 hours of wonderful, uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling amazingly refreshed, ready to face the day. My visits to the practice have to be a real highlight of my week. When I go; I genuinely ‘drift off to another world’ almost and cannot believe how much better, lighter and brighter I feel. I cannot recommend it highly enough, for whatever your issue might be. It really works. I am so grateful to Enfys for allowing me to have a much happier, healthy life. Truly amazing! I’ve lost a total of 1 stone and 13lbs without even thinking about it and I’ve actually just entered the St. David’s Day 10K, which I completely put down to the hypnotherapy! I never thought I’d be contemplating such a thing. Can you believe it!” (Jean, Cardiff)


“I threw myself into clinical hypnotherapy not really knowing what it would entail but hoping it would help. It’s far exceeded my expectations and has accelerated me through the process of adjusting to a big life-change, to a point I didn’t know I could reach.” (May, Penarth)


“2014 was a very difficult year for me; losing two big parts of my life changed me forever. How I dealt with the grief was the way I always have, burying my feelings and carry on as normal. It was towards the end of that year when a simple incident opened the flood gates and my anxiety began. I’ve never felt so powerless in my life, to the point I couldn’t leave the house; I couldn’t rationalise what was happening and it was terrifying. My career as a scientist and lecturer requires me to understand disease processes inside out, however my anxiety was something that I couldn’t begin to quantify. It was then a friend suggested visiting Enfys for a course of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy sessions, something that I was open to doing but a concept I couldn’t wrap my head around. Enfys was a breath of fresh air, she really understood my situation, our sessions together have taught me to manage my anxiety, given me goals to work to and basically got my life back in order; all I can simply say is thank you Enfys!” (Dr. Kate, Cardiff, Lecturer)


“Enfys, I have to let you know how amazing you are!  I can write a book on how much you have helped through your Clinical Hypnotherapy. Overall, the Hypnotherapy has enabled me to find me as a person and rediscovered how to enjoy life!  Thank you so much!”  (Amy, Llandough)


“I have found Hypnotherapy with Enfys to be fantastic. It has really helped me to feel much more grounded, calmer and relaxed.  I am able to deal with life in a much calmer way because of Hypnotherapy. I would certainly recommend it to any one!  Enfys has also helped me to focus attention on areas of my life that need improving. This has been beneficial in all aspects of my life. I have regained control of my thoughts and actions because of Hypnotherapy with her. Under hypnosis, I have been put in a deep state of relaxation…this has given my mind and body a chance to recuperate, repair and heal itself by experiencing the relaxation that it desperately needs. I feel because of deep relaxation I am more creative, better at problem solving, and less irritable.”  (Lucy, Barry)


“Earlier this year I was suffering from anxiety attacks, depression and low self esteem. A friend recommended me to Enfys.  Enfys (Welsh for “rainbow”) lives up to her name, she is a warm friendly, vibrant lady, who you instinctively know you can trust.  I felt myself able to tell her my darkest fears, and troubles, the ones that you find stupid, and are too afraid to tell any one.  It felt as though there was a light slowly drawing them out of their hiding place, and the gap they left was filled with the vibrancy of a rainbow.  Every time I went back to see her, my smile was wider, confidence blooming, I felt much happier than I had in years, and I was cutting down on the anti depressants to the point that I no longer take any medication. I also began to initiate a social life.  I was also having trouble sleeping at night, or I was waking up in the early hours of the morning and I was unable to get back to sleep. We talked about why this was happening, and with the help of her Relaxation Solutions CD, my sleep patterns slowly changed, and I was waking revived in the morning. I still use the CD when I have had a stressful day. Enfys runs a very professional business, she is able to explain what to expect from each session, and delivers it well. Her environment is warm and calming, perfect for relaxing.  I was sad when our sessions came to an end, because I had benefited so much from them, but Enfys has given me the tools and understanding to carry on alone.  Thank you Enfys for sorting this mess out for me!”  (Jane, Cogan)


“Following a few difficult years in work – my post was deleted (twice!), and lack of support from line management in relation to dealing with issues and personal development, my confidence and self esteem had been hit and I only really acknowledged it when a comment was made by a friend.  Enfys has helped me understand myself better and given me the tools to make the changes I needed to.  My sleep has also improved greatly listening to her relaxation CD nightly to reinforce positive messages and thought patterns. I have recently started a new job and have done so in a more positive frame of mind.  Thank you Enfys!” (Alison, Penarth)


I was suffering with problems getting to sleep for a little over 2 years and gradually I became less able to cope with my job and family duties, which in turn added to my lack of ability sleep. I found myself turning to sleeping pills to help, but in hindsight I can see now how they were adding to my anxieties. Doing the course of clinical hypnotherapy with Enfys has completely turned my life around. I’m now sleeping properly and am feeling much more positive about everything and finally enjoying life again, and definitely, no more sleeping pills. It takes time and commitment, but for anyone suffering from anxiety I can’t recommend it enough. She is truly inspirational. Thanks again Enfys x” (Lisette, Cardiff)


“I found Hypnotherapy helped me deal with life’s stresses in a more positive and rational way.  The theory behind Hypnotherapy is very interesting, and clarified for me why I sometimes reacted in a negative way to various stressors. I would highly recommend Enfys as a Hypnotherapist, I found her very approachable and accepting of me as an individual.” (Roz, Dinas Powys, Samaritan and Mental Health Nurse)


“Due to a series of big changes in circumstance, splitting up from my long term partner, moving to a new place without knowing anyone, family health troubles,  change in job, etc, I was struggling to cope. I’d become depressed and anxious. I was having trouble sleeping and generally stopped feeling like the happy person that I’d always been. Enfys’ Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions and nurturing approach have been an absolute lifeline. I feel much calmer now, more able to handle change and what life sometimes throws at us. I’m sleeping better and feel much more energised and positive about the future. I can’t recommend this treatment (or Enfys) highly enough. Don’t think about it, do it!” (Elaine, Barry)


“Clinical Hypnotherapy has that has given me the tools to equip me to be able to live a less stressful and more enjoyable life.  The process has been a journey that has taken me to a place that I am  happy to be and can see things improving from here.  The theory behind the therapy is very interesting and makes complete sense – it does not require changing yourself but changing your perspective to be happy and comfortable with yourself.  I would recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy, and in particular my therapist Enfys has been brilliant, she is very understanding and encouraging.” (Hayley, Sully)


“I started hypnotherapy at the Penarth Practice with Enfys during a particularly stressful time in my life. Enfys was aware of this and suggested hypnotherapy may help. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical, but put it this way, my expectations were not that high. Well you live and learn as they say. It has been so beneficial to me. During the period covering my sessions, my Mum passed away and although this was upsetting, I cannot stress enough how having the “tools” provided by the process helped me. I have learnt that whereas I cannot control everything that happens to me, I do have control in how I cope. I am happy in my skin. My outlook has changed. I am calmer when facing challenges. I feel much more my ‘old’ self. I feel in control. People close to me have commented how I am ‘lucky to always be able to cope’. My default setting is no longer to panic when something stressful happens. I could go on! Hypnotherapy just makes sense.” (Sara, Penarth)


“I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy for sleeplessness and anxiety. In fact I thought at best it would be an hour a week to myself and relax. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The whole process of understanding how the brain works, the hypnotherapy sessions and the journey brought about massive changes in my thought processes. I now sleep and wake refreshed, mind clear and feeling positive. In my daily life, I feel positive, able to cope and love the life I have; I can’t recommend this Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy any more highly. You need to be committed to putting work in yourself but Enfys’ positivity and enthusiasm is all the motivation you need. A wonderful experience and the effects last.” (Susan, Penarth, Nurse Manager)


“I have always had issues, mainly with myself and my confidence. It was also ‘on the rocks’ with my workaholic husband. And in general I felt really low, I was on antidepressants  and just accepted the fact that these chemical induced substitutes were my life forever. I’d never ever thought in a millions years I would come off them. They made me feel numb. I’d have my really bad days where I would just look at myself in the mirror and cry. Why would I cry? I hated my appearance, the wrinkles, the rolls on my tummy, just the ugliness. Every day was a struggle with my husband I resented him for anything I could blame him for and held many grudges.  I never felt good enough for anything or anyone.  I was recommended Enfys by a friend. I had never heard of Clinical Hypnotherapy before. Enfys is a delightful character and made me feel so relaxed and welcomed. We spoke about my depression and we had a great connection, such a warm character. I thought to myself…. I need to fix me.  After my first session with Enfys I felt so much better and things made sense. I was given a CD at my first session, which I still listen to religiously. Taking on this course really is a life changer for me, I feel so positive and happy. I stopped taking my ‘happy pills’ at week 6! Things are great with the husband and without Enfys I honestly don’t know what would of been our fate. I cannot thank her enough for that. Life definitely is not bad, life is fantastic. I love love LOVE that this focuses on the good things in life and does not delve and re live negative events. I love how you get to know your mind and how the brain functions.  What I like most is how calm I feel, I love how I approach a negative situation now, and how I react. I have learnt so much. I have gained so much. I highly recommend taking on this course of treatments if you are suffering with depression or get anxious. I never thought I could find happiness, comfort, content, bliss. Third best thing I have ever done! 1st and 2nd being the birth of my beautiful boy and marring the love of my life.” (Harriet, Caerphilly)


“I would recommend Enfys and her techniques – this is more than hypnotherapy. Enfys builds confidence and positivity, while reducing stress and anxiety. Enfys introduced me to the idea of having a stress bucket in your brain and the importance of emptying that bucket on a daily basis through listening to her CD and then her weekly one-on-one sessions made sense of it all. I was ready to leave the process after 9 weeks , and have dealt with issues that would have  become problematic in the past, in an intellectual way and my mood these days is more on an even keel. My partner and my work colleagues have commented on how different they think I am and that makes it all worthwhile as my aim was to be more positive and not dwell on past events or worry about the future.” (Eleanor, Barry)


“The Clinical Hypnotherapy was enjoyable and the benefit I achieved from the sessions was to focus my mind on my relationship with food. The outcomes were that I focused my mind on exercise, looking at what I was eating and when I was eating. It changed my ‘mind set’ in this respect. I feel better and more confident, there have been changes both physically and mentally, of which I am appreciative. The experience with Enfys was well structured, easy to understand, a good discipline and overall most enjoyable. Her delivery of the sessions was concise and attainable. My body has changed shape and the weight is a work in progress. I am exercising and my food intake is smaller, but ‘the keeping up of this new regime’ is easy, to make it all a ‘way of life’. Thank you, Enfys, so much, it has helped me enormously.” (Laura, Penarth)


“Before I met Enfys I was in a very bad place suffering with depression and anxiety and really couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. At our initial meet she had a wonderful aura and her positive attitude to getting me on the road to recovery was incredibly powerful. When she started talking me through the clinical hypnotherapy process, I have to be honest, I was a little unsure of how it would work and achieve the intended outcome of getting me better. However, within 2-3 sessions I was starting to understand it better and by 4/5 sessions I was feeling significantly better and everyone could see a great improvement in me. As a result of Enfys work and my input and commitment to the recovery process I feel much more secure, confident and at ease to enjoy life again. I would recommend clinical hypnotherapy to anyone.  It is truly wonderful!  I feel I have met someone who has not just helped me get my health back on track but someone who will be a friend for life!” (Sian, Penarth)


We can help you not just to get back on track, but to stay on track!

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

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