Age Cymru: Penarth Ageing Well Club (Wed 17/8/16)

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The Penarth Practice

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ageuk_logo_wlThe Penarth Practice was delighted to be invited to speak at Age Cymru’s Penarth Ageing Well Club at Glyndwr Community Hall on Wednesday, 17th August 2016.

What a fun and lovely lot they are!  After their regular hour of dance-based keep fit the group settled down to listen to Gareth and Enfys explaining how many of the age-related mental health challenges are created and what we can do about them!

lower-penarth-community-centreThey explained how the brain works and how these challenges and other issues are created. They went on to talk about what can be done, including how Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy works and how it can help, especially with challenges such as Bereavement, Blood Pressure, IBS, Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management and many other issues.

Enfys held a group relaxation meditation at the end, and all reported a sense of serenity and calmness…

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